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Hey there,

I'm new to this software, I found this place by googling for best free social networking software, and this was at the top of the list. So I figured I'd give it a shot. So far so good, but I'm trying to put together a fitness site. So how can I go about making some sorta of plugin that tracks workout's and calories burned, calories that are consumed, BMR calaculator, BMI Calaculator, weight loss tracker, heart calaculator, Goal planner, weight loss tickers, and I need something that allows members to post a badge with there weight loss to their site, this badge would be able to update on it's on when they update their weight from my site.

Does this make sense? I know a little PHP, a lot of HTML, and very little Javascript. I'm self taught, but I have no idea where to even begin... HELP?

  • Welcome to Elgg melly. Regarding your requirements, they need some heavy coding so that you can implment it in Elgg. But many of the required classes like BMI calculator, calorie calculator etc.. are already available free in the Web. You can integrate these classes with Elgg. To start your development with Elgg, digg in to the code itself, its the best starting point. You can also have a look at If you still have problem ask your questions here and the community will help you.

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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