PayPal ipn registration

Hi Everyone,

I have been looking but it eludes me at the moment. Has anyone used PayPal's ipn feature with elgg registration. I need to implement it to our registration process. Manual operation with PayPal is great for registration on a small scale but for more than 10 new registrations per day and a fellow could easily get behind with the day to day operations of an active elgg site not to mention if the site really took off with 100+ registrations per day (wishful thinking). 

If there is documentation on this for elgg, post the link here for all to share. If it is propriatory send me a PM.

Thanks for reading
Steve Aquila

  • First step is to familar yourself with PayPal

    The PayPal Sand Box is a valuable tool as you don't want to play on your live PayPal account or you can be band from their service. You will need to create an account to use it but if you are used to using PayPal it is much the same except you will be able to be the seller or the buyer from within the Sand Box.

    You can set up  test buttons with or with out IPN notification. If you elect not to use the password feature that the IPN uses, you can still use ipn by the button's advanced step 3. There is an example on the button creation tool.

    Using IPN means that you want the data that PayPal is gathering. Here are PayPal's IPN variables and an introduction to their method.