Avatars missing


It is quite strange, because everything has been working and suddenly yesterday disappeared avatars of users, groups etc. The path to data is ok. I have not changed it for ages. I was updating my language files and suddenly that happened. What's wrong?

  • Hi Richard

    I has this problem when updating language files. I resolved it by making sure at the top of the language file there is no white space before the opening php tag and at the bottom there is no closing tag or whitespace after the final line (usually add_translation("en",$english);). Try this, has worked for me on a few ocassions.

  • Problem solved! Bad encoding of language file was a cause of this nightmare! : D

  • Hi:


    I just joined elgg a week ago, and started work on my site a few days ago. No matter what theme I have tried, or just the default elgg, I have not been able to upload an avatar. When I upload, it says that the upload has been successful, but I only get a big question mark image instead. And yes, the image format was correct. Why is such a basic function to a website not working?  Thanks in advance for any feedback!

    I'm on elgg 1.8.4, and I use Chrome. My Chrome is completely up to date.

  • haha your cpanel is changed your data folder premission or the any table in sql become lock you need to repair.