Admin Panel Fatal Error

When I was trying to get into admin/plugins, I got this error:

Fatal Error.

GUID:1 is not a valid ElggObject

Please help me to solve this.

  • If you are using a standard Elgg download, the problem is almost certainly that either:

    a. You have a corrupted download,

    b. You are using a bad third-party plugin, or

    c. You have a corrupted database.

    If your install worked when you first set it up but no longer does after installing additional plugins, then remove the plugins.

    You can also disable all plugins by following the procedure described under bad plugin here:

    If your problem is a corrupted database, your options are more limited. Restore from a backup or start from scratch.

  • I tried all the three. Still the same error.

  • or is there a way to install plugins manually?

  • zenin : try going through ftp - go to the /mod/ folder and delete ONLY the extra plugins that you added, NOT the core plugins ! You can simply delete each third-party plugin(s) folder - but again NOT the core plugins !

    Don't shout if it goes wrong !

  • put a folder called disabled inside your mod directory. This will disable all the plugins. Then check then you may be able to access the admin panel and you can disable all plugins.

  • I tried doing that. I found no prob with the plugins.

  • Is there a way to activate or deactivate a plugin VIA MySQL? If I can learn it, then I even don't have to have admin/plugins/ working.

  • could be helped if one knows exactly what the error situation is ;-)

    kevin suggested * 4 resolutions - you tried 'all 3..' ? ! missed 1 ;-oO

    and he also said ' problem is a corrupted database..' - yep - somethang is wrong - b/c guid #1 is.... your elgg site itsefl !! ;-P

    and.. why on this earth - do you wanna fool around... with '..or deactivate a plugin VIA MySQL? If I can learn...' - all that u r only gonna learn is = yet another dumb way to stuff up your site ;-)

    Fatal Error. GUID:1 is not a valid ElggObject

    -- really does not say too much without,  knowing the details of exactly what has just happened a few nanoseconds earlier - exactly which view/action is executing...