I changed words and now my plugins are invalid

i have changed my elgg site as follow

all elgg keyword with - pll

all wire keyword with - plp

all plugin keyword with - aps

also i renamed each file with these names.

now when i installed this site, plugins exept

HTMLawed 1.5 and

Developer Tools 1.0 are marked as invalid. 

how to resolve plz.

the error messege is 

blog is not a valid  plap. Check the elgg documents for troubleshooting tips.

Location: C:/wamp/www/pll/mod/blog/

Cannot find a parser for manifest API version http://www.elgg.org/aps_manifest/1.8 in plap blog.



like this... help plz

  • I'm not sure what you actually did when you say you changed the keywords - but most definitely if you start randomly renaming files then things (almost everything really) will break really quickly.

    My suggestion - reinstall Elgg, then ask for advice here on the correct way to do whatever it is you're trying to do.

  • You can't search and replace the strings over the entire installation or rename the files because you'll get errors like the ones above. There's a document on how to correctly change wording in Elgg.