Adding the current brief page description to the header by default

I have been thinking, (well im planning on doing it) why not add the brief description to the header as a default settings in the elgg core? Say for instance you want to share the site on facebook or maybe when you get indexed etc?

  • You can easily extend the page/elements/head view in your theme with the sites description as a meta tag

  • I know how to do that, but i would want to use php to automatically retreive the sites content, like the pages or files etc.. Like for instance the title is retreived automatically..

  • Anyone? Is anyone getting what im saying?? Any ideas? This is something that would work real good with sharing different pages in facebook...

  • @Flexx I don't understand what you want. If you want to use PHP to get the description and titles or other sites, you can use curl and then parse the HTML. If you want to add descriptions to each page in Elgg, you will need to override page/elements/head.

  • Ok let me see if i can explain, whenever you write a new blog post or page, the title of the page gets shown in the tab, now if you share that page in facebook the pages title is shown, what i would like too is for a short snippet of the blog or page be shown along with the title, description and images when a user share any of these pages on facebook.


    Here is an example:


    I don't know if ill have to write a plugin for it but i would pay to get one written (if it don't cost much lol) it really would help a lot when users share your site pages..

  • same with me, meta description or dynamic meta description is important on all elgg pages.

    social network, fb, twiter, and G+ and most social network outthere, always catch meta description as the explanation of page/site that we share.

    anybody here have created a plugin for this?