Error log in Engine>Handlers


there is an error log in Engine>Handlers - good idea - but it fills up at an alarming rate, I even received a warning email from my server about disk space and it took me a while to track down the culprit.

My site is working fine, no problems and when I look at a (new) error log there are simply warnings about depreciated parameters and so on and a lot about simplecache - nothing critical, but I only have to refresh a page on my site and the log grows by 400 k, so :

how can I turn off the error logging ?


  • Instead of turning the error logging off, have a look at those log files. The error may be due to some plugins or some bugs in elgg. If these are due to bugs in Elgg, you can report it to trac or post it here else you can report that to the plugin authors.

  • Yes, you're right Team Webgalli - I'll run through a log and try to extract whatever seems important.


    (But I'd still like to be able to turn it on/off at will.)