Elgg 1.8.3 Rewrite Problem


after setting up a Ubuntu system i tried to install elgg but i cannot get behind the requierment check page its always says:

Web server

  • We think your server is running the Apache web server.

    The rewrite test failed and the most likely cause is that AllowOverride is not set to All for Elgg's directory. This prevents Apache from processing the .htaccess file which contains the rewrite rules.

    A less likely cause is Apache is configured with an alias for your Elgg directory and you need to set the RewriteBase in your .htaccess. There are further instructions in the .htaccess file in your Elgg directory.

I followed the tutorials for the installation and everthing works fine apache is working mysql is working mod_rewrite is working but permission is correct but elgg dont accept it

does anyof you have a great idea of the problem?