beginner question

hi, thanks for the help with the topic:


i appreciate this, regarding removing the powerd by elgg, does this need to be done on every page manualy? to launch a commercial site what is the copyright file that i need to leave intact as per the link


i have been looking at paid software such as boonex dolphin however i have read it is very buggy and if you hit thousands of users it will crash. what is elgg able to handle and does it have support for saying having a seperate database for inserts only and ony for selects or laod balancing or does this need to be done at my end?


is elgg able to handle traffic fairly well?


with regards to plugins, are thse branded if free?


thanks again and sorry for the questions just been looking at so many and all paid seem to be rubbish support and crash with heavy traffic.

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

This space is for newcomers, who wish to build a new plugin or to customize an existing one to their liking