Elgg 1.8.3 Fatal error


I'm new with elgg, i already install the 1.8.3 default, it seems to work on a share server (OVH french) but when a user doesn't have post a coment on his blog he has the message bellow : Fatal error: Call to a member function getGUID() on a non-object in /homez.307/cellessa/www/elgg/mod/blog/views/default/blog/sidebar/archives.php on line 12

Somebody can help me ?



  • Hi!

    Are you using any third party plugin or theme? Have you modified any core file?

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • The only files I changed manually are setting.php and .htaccess during installation.

    The first user (admin) has post a message first so he can see his blog post. The problem comes for the next user wich is not admin user even after he posted his firts message ?




  • Well, I just create a third user, he can access without probem to his post's blog even if he doesn't have yet ... ? The second user still have the problem. A least would it be possible that the name of the user cause the problem ? In fact my second user id is Invité, the firt gilmonteil and the third Toto ...

  • I haven't tested anything but maybe try to create a few more users with and without accented characters.  I know some work was done about accented characters recently so you may have turned up a bug.

  • Good Morning

    I created a fourth user with accented caracters in is Id (testé), "My own" post in blog mod crash like with Id Invité ... at least all mods don't work but don't crash when the user id is in the Url except Url profil ?

    Well I usually do not use accented caracters in my ID, it's a kind of birth with Elgg, birth it's not easier.

    I find a ticket "usernames allow accented characters but URLs not working" http://trac.elgg.org/ticket/4190 it is closed and fixed, not really seems to ?


  • @Glim

    I actually did have some similar issues when using an older version of elgg and what caused the issue was indeed to do with the user's name.  She was using ♥ either side of her name and it was those that caused the problem,  saying that i haven't noticed the same issue with 1.8.3,  but then I haven't tried 'sll' of the possible characters. 

  • I've just tested using "testé" as the username in 1.8.3 and I can confirm that it causes issues - I think it's breaking getting the user by username but I'll need some more time to find out for sure.

  • Well, this is a rather old discussion but, me also STILL have the same problem, and didn't see any solution neither in elgg nor in googling. Using non-latin characters (or latin accentuated) in usernames doesn't work in elgg 1.8.15. Indeed, http://trac.elgg.org/ticket/4190 is marked "closed", I think this is because non-latin urls are now well accepted in urls and even they work if one just test the profile url, e.g. [elgg-site-url]/profile/non-latin-username ; this is because the profile url doesn't make any call to function getGUID() ;

    So, any other url like
    do not work because they have to seek for a page_owner and an entity_guid  via getGUID() which ends to function get_user_by_username($username) located in /lib/users.php

    I just added $username = urldecode($username) at the beginning of the function and everything seems to work nice now.  (as Matt noticed)

    The problem is that, with non-latin-UTF-8-encoded usernames, the get_user_by_username function uses $username after parsing it from $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] (at current_page_url()) which is url_encoded, while page_handler parses the $_REQUEST['page'] (sent by .htaccess) which is not url_encoded.

    Hope this helps some, and I would welcome any advise if this is the best way to overcome this problem or if this opens any security holes.

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