changing the way the wire behaves

i am starting a social networking site using ELGG, hosting by Arvixe. I am using the newest version of ELGG (1.8.3 i believe) and i really have zero IT experience, although copying and pasting is not beyond me haha. ELGG has been very useful for me and easy for me to understand and im very appreciative of its creators, as im sure plenty of ppl in my position are. I especially like the idea of the wire, as i believe it is much more social for people to have a place where everyone can see everyone's posts and comments and participate in the same place. However, i find the way discussion takes place to be obnoxious, unorganized, and will be very unfamiliar to my target users, who these days are used to a more "facebook" or "myspace" designed discussion. i would like the wire, on my site to operate much the same as a facebook group, with posts containing their replies under them neatly and easy to comprehend, instead of this insane discussion format where everything is in "thread-mode" and comments are not attached to their posts, save for a separate thread window, etc etc. maybe a lot of you prefer this, but my question is: is there a plug-in or easy fix for me to make the wire, and any other discussion act more like a traditional, modern social networking site, such as facebook??? (preferably not in a theme, as i only have the skills to use something like the easy theme plugin to get my site to use the colors and logos i want) ill keep looking in the meantime, but id love for someone here to be able to direct me to the plug-in that would help me the most. thank you all :)

  • ok i received help in another group with this problem and have got it mostly sorted with the hype plugins, which make the activity stream behave much the way i want it to. however, the wire page itself remains in a threaded format, which im afraid will confuse the average user of my site. is there any way to add the effects of hypealive to The Wire? its going to be the center focus of my site and it would do me a lot of good to have it in the same format. and as a side question...supposing i could get the wire to behave in this manner, is there any way that i could get a comment to send its parent post back to the top of the feed, much like in a facebook group? i think thats a great feature for a social group!