Install error: the data directory

Hello all,

I am trying to install Elgg 1.1

I have reached the step where it asks for this: "The full path to the directory where uploaded files will be stored, followed by a trailing slash:"

So I enter my full path, for example: "/home/vol1/username/domain/htdocs/data" (this isn't the real one).

And I get this response: " Your data directory [path] must be outside of your install path."

Not exactly sure what to do here. I have made sure the folder is set to chmmod 777, but that shouldn't make a difference.

  • thanks bmunch, I tried it that way.

    Now I have a bigger problem. Elgg install refuses to accept that the folder is writable, which it is.

    Does this folder need to be accessable on the web (like b/c it currently can only be accessed inside the server.

  • I have my data directory in my main html directory and it is chmod 777 yet Elgg refuses to accept that it is writeable.  Anyone have a solution to the problem?


  • I have even tried several different folder names, and several different setting for the chmod, and have come up completely blank, about to shoot my pc, anyone got any suggestions?


  • Your data directory /home/extrem1/public_html/ is not writable.

    ok something is wrong, cause thats my main folder in which i just installed elgg on.  And it is most definitely writeable. hmm


  • Ok, I too am having problems with the data directory.

    I've installed elgg in a subdomain at the root of the domain.  I got the .htaccess file setup as well as the settings.php file in place.  I've gotten to the data directory error page.  I've chmod the directory as the installation guide dictates, however, it's still not working.  My directory is /home/elgg/data/.

    Can someone please help me get beyond this?

  • the problem is that you put in a different directory that elgg ... I tell them so ... elgg files in public_html place .. and thus you should put on the branch of that directory .. so ... "/home/sitiohumor/public_html/" and the path must be "/home/sitiohumor/data" ... I hope to be of help ... visit my blog .. ;) bye bye
  • hello
    I am blocked installing the script to the stage where it must give way to the data directory.

    if you have a solution:)

  • You need to create the data directory on your own, for example via the filemanager of your server admin tools (CPanel etc.) or by logging in via ssh on your server. You need to create the data directory outside the Elgg directory, for example in the home directory of your server's user account. During the Elgg installation you need to provide the path to this directory then.