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I am currently playing around with a local installation. When a private group is created and members can only join by invite, members are still able to create a new topic and select a different access level for it, regardless of the fact that the group is private/invisible.

Is there any way to disable the option that allows members to accidentally make a topic public?

Thanks in advance! 

  • you need to install role plugin and also role gruop admin
    then you nedd to change the script.


  • @ivanoman

    Thank you for your response, but are you able to clarify on what you mean? I already have both of the Roles plugins installed and activated. Which script would I need to change and what to?

  • If the group is private/invisible even if someone makes a topic or uploads a file with the access public, it would not be accessible for anyone, just for group members. It is confusing.

    Also, you can extend group plugins' access and remove the 'public' access.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

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