How can i categorize upload files


So, I'm trying to make different pages that show, each one, one type of upload files.

I want to tag different types of files or store them in separate places, after that i want that my page made for music only show the *mp3 files, for example...  the principal idea is to make one page for images, other for videos and another for musics. The pages (music, videos and images) are already created (blank),  but I don't know how to separate/tag or how to get them separately.

If anybody could help me I would be very thankful, and sorry for my english... its not my first language!


  • NEED HELP with the file plugin!! 

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    You should be able to query the files based on the simpletype metadata field to determine which kind of file should go where.

  • You can just use the categories plugin, too.

  • i feel your pain on i want videos, photos, and other files seperated from each other.  i do not want to organize it by catagories or tags...just seperate galleries.  the closest thing i have found was to copy and rename the files plugin itself.  so have the original files plugin, another copy renamed to videos, and another renamed to photos.  I then went into the renamed plugins and edited them to show up in groups and profiles as videos and photos.  i then forced both into gallery view instead of list view...and the only thing i need to do is edit the allowed mime types for each plugin.  that way people dont upload photos in videos and vice a versa.

    however i did switch to tidypics for photos because of the ability to make albums...

    only issue i have with using this method for videos is the files plugin to my knowledge and experience, does not generate any thumbnails for the uploaded videos.

    i use this in conjunction with the nubeso player my users can click the video link at the top, in their profiles, and in groups.  then they can upload, download, and stream.

    im sure this can easily work the same way for audio in conjunction with the zaudio plugin.