Elgg 1.8 - Create Searchable Annotations from RSS Feed

In the current project I am working on, using 1.8, I am deploying Widget Manager through which I have the RSS Feed widget active for user profiles. I need to be able to capture each RSS Feed Item as annotation (with it's title, image, excerpt..etc) and then be able to search those entries. From there, I can then call the Owner by guid, name and other metadata (like certain information on their profile) and also throw them in the search results through the search view.

I know this will fill the database, but it will also make the website rich with data. This is important as 'Search' is a prime feature in the project.


1. Any ideas on the best way to create annotations from the captured rss feeds?

2. I understand that each annotation will use an 'ID', will that 'unique ID' prevent the recreation of the same feed as an annotation? Example: If, I the default count for RSS Items is 5, and if I have a user who has 5 RSS Feed Items on their profile already fetched from their blog, then, they add a new entry to their blog and log on our website.. their new item will be fetched, what happens to the other 4 items already captured and annotated?

My next question will be about customising search.. but I'll have that in a different topic.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks guys.

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