updating plugin....

Hi all.

Im new on community. im try to update task plugin to elgg 1.8.3.


All functions deprecated are updated to new functions, but one function i dont understand... pls help.

Deprecated in 1.8: The use of unlimited optional string arguments in elgg_view_layout() was deprecated in favor of an options array Called from [#5] C:\xampp\htdocs\elgg_v2\mod\tasks\add.php:41

The code:

// If we've been given a task to edit, grab it
if ($this_guid = get_input('task',0)) {
$entity = get_entity($this_guid);
if ($entity->canEdit()) {
$area2 .= elgg_view('tasks/form',array('entity' => $entity, 'container_guid' => $container));
} else {
$area2 .= elgg_view('tasks/form', array('container_guid' => $container));

// Format page
$body = elgg_view_layout('two_column_left_sidebar', $area1, $area2);

// Draw it
echo elgg_view_page(elgg_echo('tasks:add'),$body);