I hate profileengine.com

I don't want any people to find my facebook page. In privacy setting of facebook website, I have already chosed not to show my facebook in public. The word "PRIVACY" should be respected.

I don't care when profileengine.com claimed that this happened b/c I used to tick something in my facebook to allow you to use index and show information about me.

In google, bing, and other search engines RESPECT all customers. When I searched my facebook page, they didn't show any information about me!

I am writing to GIVE you VERY GOOD SUGGESTION.
Profileengine.com should have some easy processes for customers to DELETE their information from your website.

If you search in google, you will see that so many people have the same problem as me. You can just searched.

Please care about us. It would be great if you offer choice to delete our information in public permanently.


Thank you


  • moot 1/2 points ! it';s not so much the legality but the ethics that counts. if i leave mny front door open and step out the back for 1 minute anyone that walks in and steal is -- a thief! my slacknes don't matter no more.

    PE - since they posted here @elgg - *have sounded like they were all out to get high 'user base numbers' - all their talk of 40MM users etc! we ak fbfk foe example have got a pitiful 1/4MM - but we earned those users. user numbers are always regarded ad the magic for$success- and this PE crowd seemed to have found a 'way' to get those numbers. the userbase size traditionally attracts advertising advertisign $$ and that is what PE (as well as a;most all other elgg sites etc are after - and let us not BS ourselves about this 1 fact of life!).

    FB most likely don't care about 'protectiveness' of user info - except where this will threaten mark's billions - believe it! i bet that if i paid anyone enough $$$'s - they will stand by my side and protect me | their $$'s tlll the end of life ;-)


  • @Matt I've been always vigilant about my privacy settings. You can't find my facebook profile in Google or any search engine.

    It doesn't matter if the info was public at one point, facebook does not allow applications to store user information without prior authorization. I of course reported that to Facebook, and I am still waiting for a response.

    By the way, the claim of profile engine 'Facebook do not notify us if a profile has been deleted or modified so once we have indexed it you must update (or delete) it independently on the profile engine.' is very unprofessional.

    We need a version of the 'Do Not Call Act' to protect user profiles, but that's another topic.

    An back to the topic, this topic does not belong here. Elgg.org nor Elgg.com have nothing to do with that website. If you want to complain, please, please go to that website and complain there.

  • To reiterate what RJ and the others have been saying, none of the Elgg core dev team is involved with this site in any way. Anyone with a complaint about it will need to contact the profileengine.com site owners.

  • @All - So True! The primary intent from KarateSmart - I guess - might have been to merely publicize the occurence of someone who occasionally frequents *our Elgg Community with news of their 'achievements' with using Elgg - while they may be associating their nefarious activities with open-source | innocent *Elgg.


  • I would say you should thank your friends, who install apps and give access to their 'friends' data. I see myself on there, but it's just my avatar, which I suppose was synced with friends' contacts.