I hate profileengine.com

I don't want any people to find my facebook page. In privacy setting of facebook website, I have already chosed not to show my facebook in public. The word "PRIVACY" should be respected.

I don't care when profileengine.com claimed that this happened b/c I used to tick something in my facebook to allow you to use index and show information about me.

In google, bing, and other search engines RESPECT all customers. When I searched my facebook page, they didn't show any information about me!

I am writing to GIVE you VERY GOOD SUGGESTION.
Profileengine.com should have some easy processes for customers to DELETE their information from your website.

If you search in google, you will see that so many people have the same problem as me. You can just searched.

Please care about us. It would be great if you offer choice to delete our information in public permanently.


Thank you


  • oh boy ! elgg by itself does a decent of protecting privacy. your post reminds me to tighten up our own home-grown 'block' mechanisms for our elgg site - some more - to keep out the profile trolls.


  • This links show examples of people who have same problem, Thank you very much for caring about us.


  • i did google and read around a fair bit about profileengine.com before commenting above ;-) also i've had 'some' interaction with that 'chris' guy that seems to run something or other there here or at least posts here about 'p-engine' and stuff. in th past i did try anmd be friendly towards him - but he kinda preferred to call me a 'troller' ;-) and i'm sitting here with more years' computer science experience in my pockets than most peoples' ages ;-) anyways - interesting stuff indeed. this 'privacy issues' scenarios make me feel very uncomfortable - the motive behind our own security/ privacy controls and management of who can access what, etc on our own elgg site ! there is no way in this world and the next few dimensions that we would allow any outsiders to grab freebie access to our user-base profiles' data - as in 'over my dead body' lolz ;-P 

  • That website isn't affiliated with Elgg or anyone here that I'm aware of.  It is built on Elgg, but that's as far as it goes.  Elgg itself is a tool, and can be set up in any way you choose - including a shady rip of FB public information.  Unfortunately I don't think there's anyone here that can help you remove your information, that's entirely up to the site admins of profileengine.com

  • Just throwing some comments here:

    I have my facebook account since 2005, and since then I was very private about my information (yes I am paranoid).

    Around 2006-2007 Facebook announced a setting in which you could deny or allow search engines to index your account. Of course I said 'no thanks' and it was like that for several years (it is still like that btw) and suddenly I see my profile on profileengine.com

    I claimed that I had everything private because of some situations here in my country, however the guys at that site claimed I allowed any search engine to index me.

    That should not be happening. And clearly we don't know if they (profileengine.com) keep our data in their database.

  • right you are ! they're not affiliated to elgg.org - just kinda gives elgg a bad name simply just because they're using elgg. and * i * do not need that.

  • Of couse we do not need that and clearly elgg has nothing to do with that site, in fact, this thread should be deleted since elgg.org nor elgg.com is not related to that website...

  • There has been some discussion about it in the paast here in the community


  • Am nt qualified enough to comment and yet i wish very much to say something here.
    As per Dhrup whom i admire the most in forums, there is no way anyone could access elgg databases then how is it possible for search engines {profilengine.com in this case} to display unauthorised datas?

    Is there no legal way to find out from pe.com itself?

  • Unless they really did hack facebook, chances are that the info they have was all public at one point.  The reality is that even if you've been vigilant with your privacy settings on FB the settings have been changed and reset so often that you couldn't reasonably keep everything private forever.  If anything, I'd blame FB for letting the info get out.  If you're absolutely sure you were always on top of your privacy settings, report them to FB if you think they stole the info.  FB is pretty protective (in a litigious way) of it's (not your) data.