Why such poor photo gallery support?

I have tried Community Builder in Joomla, Buddypress and WP Symosium in Wordpress, Drupal and now Elgg looking for a basic social networking platform with good photo gallery support. So far I have come up with no viable solution. Either the galleries are too klunky for the average user or there are technical issues such as distorted thumbnails, album rights issues or display issues (no lightbox-type support).

It seems to me that easily sharing and displaying photos is a key element to any social networking site. So why are so many so bad at it? there are dozens of great photo gallery plugins for core CMS tools like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc. but none for social networking.

FYI I just installed elgg 1.8.3 with the tidypics plugin but the plugin is riddled with errors.

if anyone has any other ideas I'd really appreciated your feedback!




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