where do I add html elements, like a slider, or button image

Elgg 1.8.3,... I know I have to extend the css, and javascript and I am currently looking over the documentation but where do I add custom divs, the end goal is to add a slider to a page

  • This is a pretty broad question so is a bit difficult to answer. This is the general approach to changing a page in Elgg:

    • Determine the page script file for the page you want to change. Elgg uses page handlers that call functions or include scripts that build and output the actual page using views.
    • Look at the views used in the page script and figure out which views you need to override and override it with your change.
    • Some views are used automatically in Elgg. Changing the header, footer, or other static parts of the site will only require overriding those views. They won't have page handlers.
    • If you want to change the landing page, copy the custom index plugin and make changes there.