Removing "more" from Elgg activity menu

Hi to All,

Noob in peace.  Just wondering if there are any learned folk that I can beg some support.

I am totally new to Elgg (3 months), I have previous experiance with xhtml, css and limited perl knowledge.

Basically I have really gone to town, creaing a site with Elgg 1.8.3 and added

  • Single Sign-On - via the vanilla_bridge plugin to add the vanilla forum.
  • Easy theme - To create my own custom theme

The issue that I am having is that I am trying to remove the "more" option from my site's nav bar. Cant stand it. That or "The Wire".  The wire was easily enough sent to the ether by disabling the plugin.

The vanilla_bridge plugin works great for SSO, BUT when a vanilla forum discussion got a bit too long the <div> that it sat in would chop off the bottom of the discussion, it also did the same for the vanilla dashboard.  I have since bastardised it so it opens up in its own page showing all.

The vanilla_bridge plugin has added a gap in the "more" options. When you select "more" and the drop down shows other hyperlinks there is a gap in the middle and this then goes to a blank page. 

I then downloaded the "disable_more" plugin to try and remove this.  It did what it said on the tin and removed the "more" option from my nav bar. I was really pleased until i noticed it also wiped out all my custom menu items.

Can anybody help me please?  Any assistance would be gratefully recieved.




Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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