Removing "more" from Elgg activity menu

Hi to All,

Noob in peace.  Just wondering if there are any learned folk that I can beg some support.

I am totally new to Elgg (3 months), I have previous experiance with xhtml, css and limited perl knowledge.

Basically I have really gone to town, creaing a site with Elgg 1.8.3 and added

  • Single Sign-On - via the vanilla_bridge plugin to add the vanilla forum.
  • Easy theme - To create my own custom theme

The issue that I am having is that I am trying to remove the "more" option from my site's nav bar. Cant stand it. That or "The Wire".  The wire was easily enough sent to the ether by disabling the plugin.

The vanilla_bridge plugin works great for SSO, BUT when a vanilla forum discussion got a bit too long the <div> that it sat in would chop off the bottom of the discussion, it also did the same for the vanilla dashboard.  I have since bastardised it so it opens up in its own page showing all.

The vanilla_bridge plugin has added a gap in the "more" options. When you select "more" and the drop down shows other hyperlinks there is a gap in the middle and this then goes to a blank page. 

I then downloaded the "disable_more" plugin to try and remove this.  It did what it said on the tin and removed the "more" option from my nav bar. I was really pleased until i noticed it also wiped out all my custom menu items.

Can anybody help me please?  Any assistance would be gratefully recieved.




  • Can do this two ways:

    1. Override the navigation/menu/site view and remove the code for the more link.
    2. Register a callback for the prepare, menu:site hook and unset $return['more'].
  • There is a plugin by me to remove the "more" menu...

  • Firstly thanks all for your responses, really appreciated

    @Purus  & @ Team Webgalll > it is Purus's "disable_more" plugin that I attempted to use initially. When I use the plugin it also removes my custom menu items so unfortunately I can't use it as it removes a link to a webpage containing my vanilla forum.

    @ Brett > I really like the idea of just removing the code for the 'more' link, your option 1.

    if its (the code) not there then it wont show on the page. Is there any opportunity for you to share with me the exact file path to the file that i need to tweak?  I am assuming it is a PHP file that sits somewhere in my Elgg folder.

    I can then just look at the code on the file and remove it myself.

    Many thanks too all though, I really liked the plug in Purus but unfortunately it removes the custom links I created in the administration and I need to have those.

    If anybody can support me that would really mean the world to me, I'm so close to having my site look just how I want.



  • @ 13net

    phloorMenuitem 1.8-12.01.28


    This plugin has unmet dependencies and cannot be activated. Check dependencies under more info.

    Enables creating and managing 'Menuitem' entities by administrators.

    Author: Alois Leitner -

    • Phloor Menuitem [1]
    • Phloor Menuitem [2]
    • Phloor Menuitem [3]
    • Phloor Menuitem [4]
    Copyright: See COPYRIGHT.txt
    Licence: GNU Public License version 2
    Location: /home/content/58/8437858/html/index/mod/phloor_menuitem/


    TypeNameExpected ValueActual valueComment
    Requires Elgg version >= 1.8 1.8.3 ok
    Requires Plugin: phloor >= 1.8 -- error
    Requires Priority After phloor phloor is not installed ok
    Suggests Plugin: phloor_menu_manager >= 1.8 -- Missing
    Provides Plugin: phloor_menuitem 1.8-12.01.28 -- ok
  • @MotionUK75 - Do what that page says: Install the phloor plugin. On the plugin page 13net linked to it also says you have to install the phloorFramework plugin.

    The navigation/menu/site view is in elgg/views/default/navigation/menu/site.php. You'll need to pull this out to your own plugin to override that view. Don't change core.

  • Firstly Brett thanks for your support.  I know you were trying to help me and I want to sincerely say thank you.

    Unfortunately by installing all of 13net's plugin's it has now totally ruined my site. Totally ruined.

    When I try to go to my site i am now confronted with the following messge

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function phloor_get_version() in /home/content/58/8437858/html/index/mod/phloor/views/default/page/elements/head.php on line 4

    If you dont mind now I think I am going to throw up.

    For all of those reading this wanting to remove the "more" drop down I can recommend Purus's plugin, it works and only takes a single plugin uploaded to mod to work well with a standard Elgg install. I unfortunately have a custom theme running and it dropped the custom menu items.

    Kind regards


  • @MotionUK75 - I am sorry that my plugins caused so much troubles to you - but it seems that you did not follow the instructions carefully.. e.g. phloorFramework has to be above all of my plugins. Send me a pm if we the error persists.. we'll solve that!

  • Appreciate the offer 13net.

    I learnt a valuable lesson on the 14th, Valentines Day. And the day after more impotantly.

    Note to self - Don't look at tweaking yor site after 3/4 bottle of cava and meal with better half.

    I'd had a drink or two on Valentines day with the missus. The "more" issue had been bugging me, and I was really grateful for all the support offered nere, yours included.  So decided to try and get the job done.

    Your right, I did not follow the instructions, very rare of me, probably rare of anybody that writes code.

    Im new to Elgg, and new to PHP. It's something I quite like, and after this project is finished I can see myself getting a book on PHP to look at it it more so that I fully understand its features and benefits.

    I just became accustomed to gettting a plugin, activating it and using it with Elgg.  Unfortunately on occasions, such as with your plugin(s) I fell short.  Not used to having to add several plugins or having to go to another site for additional resource plugins to get something activated in the admin section.

    After the nausea passed my brain kicked in again and I was able to talk to my site via FTP.

    From there I eventually coaxed some life back in to my site and then finally managed to get it working again.

    I appreciate everybodies contributions and hope one day to be able to offer my own plugins to the Elgg community.

    I think thats my mext steps anyways so watch this space.

    Many thanks for all - Peace out soldiers!


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