access_id -> access_id private?

I'm trying to make a form's access_id = friends so that a 'friend' may 'post' but! make the actual post's acess_id = private.  ie   a friend can post a message on the messageboard, but only the recipient can view the post regardless...

better still,  only the poster and recipient can view the messages.

any ideas would be appreciated.



  • hmm ;-X interesting idea! wish i'd thought of before.. wonder how those kids gonna react - always whining abt non-friends and whole world reading their stuff - when all can post but no strangers can read !?!.. i bet 1/2 $ they might just like...

  • @DDS

    I tried to implement this but with mi limited knowlege of php (or coding in general) I'm meerly clutching at straws.

    What I tried to do was:

    default the access_id in the form to friends, and then defaut the access_id in 'add' to private but then that doesn't allow even then the poster/recipient to both read...

    I think iionly is having the same problem with gifts 1.8?

    again I have very limited knowledge, but I suspect a combination of the core mesages and some custom views may be the answer?

    I mean, rename/clone the core messages plugin, and create a costome view so that it displays in a widget? Or maybe combining messages and messageboard?

    I don't know how to do it but I suspect that all the functions/vars are all available in the core as the messages plugin achives this already no?

    maybe if you figure it you'll let me know??


  • PS

    I have a few other ideas ;)

  • I think you are confusing something here. What you really need to do:

    1. Force the messageboard widget to ACCESS_FRIENDS. You can do it in edit.php $vars['entity']->access_id = ACCESS_FRIENDS;

    2. Messageboard posts are saved as annotations. So what you need to do is to set access to private, and make owner_guid the posting user. So, both the person receiving (annotated entity) and person sending (owner of the annotation) will have access to the post.

  • hi,

    can you tell me exact which .php have to be change and what.

    we change the code in messageboard/views/default/widgets/messageboard -> edit.php

    after this the profile site crashed.

    here the code from edit.php:

    <!--?php <br-->/**
     * Messageboard widget edit view

    // set default value
    if (!isset($vars['entity']->num_display;)) {
        $vars['entity']->num_display = 5;

    $params = array(
        'name' => 'params[num_display]',
        'value' => $vars['entity']->access_id = ACCESS_FRIENDS,
        'options' => array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10),
    $dropdown = elgg_view('input/dropdown', $params);


        <!--?php echo elgg_echo('messageboard:num_display'); ?-->:
        <!--?php echo $dropdown; ?-->

    thx, nicyta


  • @nicyta - Never modify core Elgg files.

    It's not working because what you posted isn't valid PHP code. You will need to learn PHP to develop for Elgg.

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