Event Manager Plugin Issue With Groups Within group_module.php

This post refers to the: Event Manager Plugin 

Hi, I really need someone's help with this. I absolutely love this plugin. However I appear to be the only person with this bug and nobody seems to be able to help me when I posted in the plugin page itself.

Issue: When you log into a group page as an admin you get the following error message:

Deprecated in 1.8: Please update your use of elgg_view_entity_list() Called from [#11] public_html/mod/event_manager/views/default/event_manager/group_module.php:19

When you view the php file this is the guilty bit of code:

$content = elgg_view_entity_list($events['entities'], 0, 0, 5, false);

Does anyone know what the code should be, please?

I run a free site for a good cause and this is an essential plugin. All work is voluntary hence we cannot afford to pay a programmer and although I know a lot of IT I am not a fluent php programmer yet. This at the moment is like asking me to speak Japanese. It means nothing to me and so I call on some very kind person to help provide the answer if they can.

All answers I have been given just mess up which Events show on the a Group page. Either ALL Events show or no events. 

I need to be able to create Events from the Group pages and then see those Events on those group pages.

Has anyone had this problem? It is a great plugin and so I don't know why there isn't a well known fix. Please help......



  • deprecated notices are *not *errors ;-) why worry - they portend the future; that group's hook in E.M. work in 1.7.14 -- the code is q. correct.. 修正 ;-P

  • Thanks for your comment but sadly the original code does not work for me in 1.8. The original code [ $content = elgg_view_entity_list($events['entities'], 0, 0, 5, false); ] lists EVERY SINGLE EVENT when viewing a group page rather than just the groups that associate with the group. 

    For example. A group on Football will have Events for Basketball!

    I return to my original question, please can someone help?

  • More info. What I have noticed that the plugin does is if you create and event from a group then you are given an option to select show to that group only. If you create an event outside of a group then you are only give the normal/default privacy options eg public, private, friends etc.

    So the code needs to be written so that it filters out any non group events and only shows the group ones.

    I also just read that the German site that created this plugin is working on a 1.8 ;)!

  • Seriously..... can no one help to rewrite this code? I just need someone who knows PHP well to rewrite the code to make sure that the group_module.php (aka groups) only shows events that are to do with the group.

    Please help guys/gals?