Start.php errors

When ever I install a theme for 1.8.3 I get the error message

Elgg-Theme-1-8-Elggzone-Darkgrey-Theme is not a valid Elgg plugin. Check the Elgg documentation for troubleshooting tips.

Location: /home/content/11/8939111/html/mod/Elgg-Theme-1-8-Elggzone-Darkgrey-Theme/

Missing file start.php in package

  I have checked the package and the Start.php is there.  I have read the start.php and compared it to the requirements for 1.8.3; and have also read and checked the manifest.

Does anyone have a clue as to why the thems; none of the themes I am choosing are not ble to work or configure in 1.8?


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Beginning Developers

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