Gay Male Networking site running on Elgg needs developer ASAP!!

By Mark

Hey guys (and girls!)

We've been running a gay networking site on Elgg 1.7 for the last year and are just about to hit 1,500 members.

We're using some excellent plugins and the site is very functional but now we need help to take the site to the next level.  We have a general php guy on board already but the site's growth means we now need someone with Elgg expertise to help us out.

We're a gay networking site for men, so you need to be comfortable with that if you're going be working on the site.

The site's struggling to cope with demand at the moment so we need someone to give it a quick audit and recommend (and impliment?) the next stage of the site's development.

Get in touch guys (and girls) and we can take it from there.



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Professional Services

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