Usage of (a few things is don't understand)


im planning to use elgg for a small community site.

my installation works pretty well, i really like elgg!

Now im searching further information in community area and i find some really weird problems mainly in the search function.


i go to discussion tab and search for jquery in "search discussions" on the sidebar (i know there are discussions about jquery) search for jquery returns "no results"

also sorting function seem to be missing entirely:

i go to plugins tab and choose "Newest" "Most downloaded" or "Most recommended" all of them return same results (no sorting at all)

also im missing "sort by" functions, lets say im in plugins and choose category themes, the results will always be sorted by "most recent" i find no way of sorting lets say by "most popular" etc.

Dont i just get it or do i just have weird habbits of using the web?

These things make it really hard finding what i need.

edit: actually it goes on if i go to "discussions" tab and then to "discussions in my groups" it will list all discussions even of those groups where im not a member.

  • The search and discussion bugs appear to be bugs in a custom plugin for this community site (and yeah, our plugin repository needs work, too).

    [Note: I moved this to the General Discussion group from the Elgg Beginners group since it wasn't about writing plugins. I think we need to rename Elgg Beginners so that's not confusing.]