adding a count of how many messages r in your!

i want to add a hack to the ownerblock that displays how many posts a person has in their messageboard, iv been able to do how many messageboard items that user has posted but i want the count of how many items they have in their messageboard kind like this, this is how i did it for my how many files a user has uploaded


$content_menu .= '<br>';
$content_menu .= elgg_echo('file');
$content_menu .= ' (';
$content_menu .= elgg_get_entities_from_relationship_count(array(
'types' => 'object',
'subtypes' => 'file',
'owner_guid' => elgg_get_page_owner_guid(),
'full_view' => false,
'view_toggle_type' => false,
'count' => true
$content_menu .= ')';