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Hello everyone,

I'm starting a new project and I'm planning to use elgg. My first challenge is that: I want the new user to answer some questions during the registration, and I want to save this information to use in the future. To use the information I can write a plugin or widget accessing mysql data saved during the registration form. But where can I put the form with the questions to be filled out during the registration? 

Tks a lot,

Regards, Fabio.

  • Hi aethiopicus,

    There is already a plugin that allows you do this - look up profile manager in the plugins repository.

    You can absolutely write your own plugins if you wish, take a look at the docs.  Elgg is written in such a way that you don't need to worry about mysql - all of the queries are taken care of for you in the vast majority of cases, also, you don't need to create an new tables for anything.

    It's a good model, takes a bit to wrap your head around but once you get it it's powerful.

  • Hi Matt, tks for the answer. I started using the profile manager plugin and it helped a lot, but I need a suggestion for the follow requirement:


    One of the fields is Hobbies, and I want the new user to ranking (rating one to five, for exemple) which hobbies have more interest for him/her. Any ideia how to implement it?


    For example:


    - basketball (4)

    - baseball (3)

    - football (5)

    - soccer (2)

    - hockey (1)


    which mean that I'm more interested in football and basketball than in hockey and soccer.



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