cron don't work


i'm a new user and i try to develop a plugin using cron. i read all web page on the argouments and i don't understand where should i put the contrab file. In the Elgg's package i found the contrab.example file but i don't kown the path where that file must be saved. 

help me please.


  • crontab is a file that is on your server (usually, assuming *nix).  If you are using cpanel there is usually a link to a graphical interface for cron where you can set it up easily.

    I don't know how other people on windows xampp/localhost do it, when I'm developing using cron hooks I just manually trigger it when I need to test by hitting localhost/<path to elgg>/cron/<interval> in a browser in which I'm not logged in (very important)

  • Hi, thanks for the answer. I tested my code by hitting localhost/<path elgg>/cron/<interval> in a browser and it works, but I would like the function starts automatically every minute, and this does not occur.

    Any idea?

  • every minute?  That's really a lot.  Are you sure you need it that frequently?

  • that will result in utilizing huge server resources. As matt asked, are you sure that you need it every minute?

  • every minute is only a test. In my script I try to save a file in elgg dataroot. If i try to save a txt file from the plugin, it's work.. but if i try to save a txt file from the script (every minute) it's not work.. Any idea?? Thanks for the answer.

    This is my code(with elgg class):

     $arff_file_filestore = new ElggDiskFilestore( $CONFIG->dataroot . "/");
    $arff_file = new ElggFile();

    $arff_file_filestore->write($CONFIG->dataroot . $arff_file_filestore->getFilenameOnFilestore($arff_file),'Hi');

    This is my code (without Elgg Class):

    function write_file_log($path,$text)
        fwrite($var, $text);
        fwrite($var, "\r\n");


    write_file_log($CONFIG -> dataroot . "log.log", 'Try');