New book: "Elgg 1.8: Social Networking"

Pre-ordered in September last year, expected it to be released at the end of this month... surprise, surprise: it arrived today!!!

The book "Elgg 1.8: Social Networking" has been written by Cash Costello and Mayank Sharma. Quite a few other well-known people have helped, too (Brett, Evan, Kevin to name a few).

The book introduces you to social networking in general and especially to Elgg. It explains the installation of Elgg, setting up your Elgg site, enhancing your site with plugins and gives some information about choosing the right web hosting plan.

You will also learn a bit about plugin development, customizing your site via plugins and theme development.

I think the book will suit both beginners and already slightly advanced Elgg users.

Thanks a lot Cash and everybody else who helped with the writting of this nice book.

  • Wow, great new! I have just read the email sent by, which says that my pre-order for the eBook of ‘Elgg 1.8 Social Networking’ has been processed, and now I can
    download the eBook.

    I am going to read the entire book this weekend :-)

    Many thanks Cash and thanks everyone who contributed to this book.