Embed, is really so complicated??

Ok I wasted my last week trying to do something I can't understand would be so complicated.

I have a site with elgg 1.8.3, I can embed videos from youtube, etc thanks to embed extender. My users can upload files thanks to file plugin... everithing is ok. But now I need my users can play the videos the uploaded by file plugin (my users only upload .flv videos, not another format).

I can't understand there is no another tab for "view" closer to "download" in file plugin form. That way is worst, users can embed images in textarea (thanks to embed 1.8.1 plugin) but the can't embed videos they upload. Images appear posted ok, but videos only appear an icon.

Please anybody can help me?? I tried izap videos...but it doesn't work for me. Installtion process is so many complicated and configuration too :(


Please, help me! :P