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   I am trying to alter the way a friend request is accpeted/declined.  Right now when user receives a friend request, he can click "Yes" or "No".  I would like this to be an image of a thumbs up or down.  The "Yes" and "No"  appear to be stored in an array in the en.php file in the language folder. 

   I am certain this is just a php syntax issue, but I have no idea how to replace the words with the images.  I have tried every way I can think of to reference the image source, but nothing works.  Any thoughts?  Thank you.


  • If that plugin is using the elgg url out put view for creating that action links, then all you need to do is just replace the 'text' => elgg_echo('accept/reject') with an image link. Have a look at the elgg footer page for a reference on how to add images as URLs.

    The best thing is to explore the view pages of that plugin

  • Thank you so very much.  This worked.  You have saved me a lot of time.

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