Send ElggX Userpoints


Allow normal users of ElggX Userpoints to send Userpoints to eachother.


  • Check if user has enough userpoints
  • If so, userpoints will be subtracted and added to the user chosen.
  • If not, it will cancel.
  • Make sure user doesn't send nagative points to a user.

I am not much of a developer. I am working this for 1.8.3



    • Do you have a reason to implement this feature?

      The functions to handle the userpoints substracting/adding should already been included. Though you need to check for the "non-negative" adding of points (in the admin section this check seems not necessary as you might substract userpoints from a user account).

      Of course, you also need to add a form for the procedure (while the gifts plugin can also handles with userpoints when sending gifts there's of course also the gifts being included there. But you might can use this form in a simplified manner).

    • This is what he's looking for @Elgg.1.8, I just won't give him the code, will I - Speedy ;-)


    • Well, seems a feature not very useful to me. Why sent just userpoints (or $) instead of a nice gift?

      @Speedy: I would suggest to take the gifts plugin as starting point to implement your idea ( The mechanism for exchanging userpoints is already partly implemented there (the substracting). You only need to implement the addition of points to the receiver. There is a function in the userpoints plugin you can use for that. You can either add the exchange of userpoints to the "normal" gifts form or you can create a simplified version of the gifts plugin that only deals with the points exchange and doesn't include all the gifts handling.

    • @II :- 'not very useful' to you (Speedy @11 years - a MySQL/ PHP/ HTML/ CSS/ JS/ jQUERY/ Python coding 'geek' just like us) ? II - You're not a kid like mine are ! ;-P They just lovvvvve to exchange their $$$`s LOLZ ;-oO;X;P BTW They do also have Gifts, etc (the 'Gifts,Cards Pokes' PlugIn) which they like to use ;-oO;)  Cheers;)

    • @Dhrup: of course you can spent userpoints for a gift only once. So, it's an investment to spend wisely. :) Maybe I'm too old-fashioned here... lol

    • II, you need a few kids around you to keep you on your toes ;) and just btw - @fbfk they have world bank, all the adult-style plugins - blogs, etc, pix, videos (fave), cards, gifts, *wire - they love to post their thoughts for the word to see.. and most of them can play rings around the techno tricks w/ html and general web features ;P aren't kids wonderful ? Get some of your own too man !

    • @iionly You could make groups that cost userpoints to join...

      You could alllow users to create services...

    • @Speedy: The idea of groups that cost points to join sounds interesting. Though it will need some enhancements for the groups plugin - best would be a separate plugin that uses the userpoints API and replaces the default group joining mechanism.

      Offering services is also a possible reason to exchange userpoints. I have to admit there are reasons to transfer userpoints directly.

    • I absolutely love this plugin however I'm getting an error I can't figure out. I have successfully installed the plugin and set points for different actions. However I am getting the word "Array" under my profile and in the Utilities for the points, but I can see nofications that my points are being added for specific actions. Did I miss something? 

      Elgg1.8.3  - Easy Theme

    • @Les-Luv: do you see only the word "Array" on your profile page or is it "Points: Array"? Have you tested, if it works when you disable the Easy theme? Or do you maybe use other plugins that might modify the user block on the profile pages? Last question: what version of php is installed on your server?