videos embeded

Hi again! I'm looking for a way or plugin to embed video users upload to elgg is that posible?

I'm using 1.8.3 version and tried with i-zap but elgg doesn't let me to install it


Some ideas¿¿?

  • Thanks for your response, I installed embed-extender but I don't see diference with embed 1.8.1 plugin in the elgg 1.8.3 by defect (maybe I did something wrong in the installation?)

    In other hand, video plugin looks great (I have tested still) but is a pay plugin, isn`t it?


    Thanks in advance ;)

  • Definetly video plugin doesn't work for me. It doesn't let me upload my own videos in .flv format and reproduce it :S


    Another idea?


    Thanks again ;)

  • Nolox, a new embed extender will be released today with new features.

  • Thanks so much for your answer :D That's great! I'll be waiting for the moment ;)


    Another tip: try videolist plugin.

  • izap's videos might be the only plugin that allows on-direct server video upload and storage/playback. there's some heavy fflmpeg technology that needs to be implemented to support on-server storage/playback. simpler .flv uploads might be feasible but i don't think anyone has yet looked at that for elgg playback embedding. izapvideo shuld be installable @ elgg 1.8  - with their 'bridge' pkg as added.


  • Not for me @DhruoDeScoop I tried to install i-zap with izap bridge but when I activated izap bridge my elgg site crash. Maybe could you explain me how to do it?


    Thanks in advance

    PD: You have to install curl library for php in the server to activate i-zap, aren't you?

  • 1) You forget the 'P' in muh name lolz ;-) Got it ? Forgot the 'P' lolz & hehhh..;-)

    2) Curl - I think so.. not sure - not read iZAp's Docs lately ;-) They have a rather long Docs for your reading. Anyway - since it uses ffmpeg - there's bound to be mucho reqmts. You shud post all your errors / messages -- if you want real help.

    3) Or wait until I've had some spare time to play wth somce more code for my dream 'Media-Manager' PlugIn -- to replace all the various multi-media PlugIns around, similar to Ismayil's hypeGallery PLugIn , just that he is targetting only images at the moment while I want a one-media-maneger-for-them-all ;-) approach to handle *all mime type that the Files PlugIn currently allows -- which is just about all the mime known types. My motivation though is not simply to do a 'Media Manager' but a generic mime-type handler for rendering all types to the browser... eventually - lotsa code to develop !

  • Hi @DhrupDeScoop first at all, sorry for forgot 'P'... Nothing happens, next time you could forget a letter in my name and we will in peace :P xD

    Ok, I resolve problem with izap-videos. The trick was to put izap-bridge at the top of the plugins and my site don't crash.

    But now, I can upload a video but appear this message "Video is queued up for conversion". I was reading and maybe something is wrong with my ffmpeg or php interpreter path but I can't resolve it

    Coul you help me, please?

    These is my serve analysis from izap: But I can't understan cause I've installed ffmpeg and all dependecies correctly :(

    exec() Fail Required to execute the commands.
    cURL support Success Required for fetching the remote feed.
    PDO_SQLITE Support Success Required to manage que by sqlite database.
    PHP interpreter test Fail PHP interpreter not found.
    Action: Be sure the provided path is correct in admin settings.
    FFmpeg Fail  
    upload_max_filesize 5.00 MB The maximum size of files that PHP will accept uploads. Keep it bigger for big files.
    post_max_size 8.00 MB Needs to be a small amount bigger or same, than upload_max_filesize for a file upload to work. Keep it bigger for big files.
    max_input_time 60 Determines how much time PHP will wait to receive file data. Keep it "0" for bigger file.
    max_execution_time 30 This sets the maximum time in seconds a script is allowed to run before it is terminated. Keep it "0" for bigger files.
    memory_limit 64M

    This is php main memory limit and it needs to be bigger enough for your bigger file need to process via ffmpeg.