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I know how to modify elgg\actions\login.php to change the landing page after login.  However, I'd like to do that with a plugin.  I've used the skeleton plugin in the docs folder as a starting point.  My plugin path is elgg\mod\newlanding\ and within that folder I've created actions\newlanding and copied the original login.php file there and included my changes.  I think that I'm getting mixed up on the start.php file.  Here is what I've included.


elgg_register_event_handler('init', 'system', 'newlanding_init');

function newlanding_init() {

$action_base = elgg_get_plugins_path() . 'newlanding/actions/newlanding/';

elgg_register_action('newlanding/login', "$action_base/login.php");



I've searched through the site and it seems as though I have to use the elgg_unregister_action function to unregister the core login.php action.  However, when I add that bit to my newlanding_init I can't login because the action login doesn't exist.  

What am I doing wrong?  I know that I don't have much of a clue here but I'm trying.



  • most likely the login form is called with elgg_view_form which automagically passes the action = view

    So you will have to unregister the original action, and register your new action with the same name.

  • That's too complicated. Haven't tried, but you could define REFERER as the page you want to send the user to and set the input hidden returntorefer to true

  • You can change the action path in core/account/login_box, or pass your own action to elgg_view_form() in a custom view

  • Editing the core login.php file (although a no-no) seems to be much easier.  I'd like to do the plugin for two reasons:

    1. learning opportunity

    2. do something that others can benefit from

    Having said that, what you two have recommended is beyond my current level of understanding.  Can either of you clarify?


  • I say core - what I mean is \elgg\actions\login.php.  I can edit that file directly to accomplish what I want but I know that's not the preferred method.

  • Look at views/default/core/account/login_box. That's the view that wraps the login form. By default, elgg_view_form() will build the form action based on the form view path, e.g. forms/myplugin/add will use the action action/myplugin/add. 

    So, basically what you need to do:

    1. Overload views/default/core/account/login_box with your own view

    2. Change the action path to that of your new login action

    That's it

  • OK, thanks!  I'm about to fix a toilet (LOL).  I'll look at this after I get through with that and report back! 

    Much appreciated!


  • I don't think the view needs to be overwritten, I stand by my original assessment it should only be 2 lines of code... I think maybe the way I explained it made it sound more complicated than it is:

    function newlanding_init(){


        elgg_register_action('login', $actionbase . "/login.php");


    Then whatever changes you need to do the in action you can do in your non-core file.

    (note that the action may need to be public, I'm not sure about that)

  • mod/OverlySliders/start.php==
    elgg_register_event_handler('init', 'system', 'OverlySliders_init');
    function OverlySliders_init()
        register_plugin_hook('index', 'system', 'OverlySliders_Index');
    function OverlySliders_Index($hook, $type, $return, $params)
        if ($return == true)
            return $return;
        // index.php can do whatever it needs to for loggedIn or loggedOut
        if (!include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/index.php"))
            return false;
        return true;

  • We're talking about ways to make this easier:

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Beginning Developers

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