Registration page

Hi everyone,

I was trying to reduce the registration form to just email adress and password fields but didn't know how to make changes.If anyone can guide me to right direction that will be great. is there already a plugin that allows to change the registration page?


Thank You


  • Hay as I also wanted something similar (name, email id, password, confirm password that all [no user name]). So google drove me here.

    I read through all the suggestions in this post.

    I am planning to use something like this in user name -

    Name: xyz abc

    Email id:

    [Automatically I generate, do not display in registration form] User name: xyzatabcdotcom

    Password: *******

    Conform Password: *******


    Will it have any side effect? 

    Will it lead to any wanted result?

    Need you guys suggestion on above approach.

  • If you follow our examples in this thread it should work just fine

  • Yes Matt. I am following proposed example in this thread.