Adding widgets, Admin options, etc

So I am recently getting back into Elgg - used to use it heavily back before v1.0 came about.

I have Elgg up and running and I am testing things throughout the site. I am running into a few issues that I am hoping someone can help me fix (running: 1.8.3 - maybe I should have gone with 1.7.14??)

  1. Adding Widgets on Profile: When I attempt to add widgets on my profile the menu opened once. Only once, and froze. Now when I attempt to add a widget nothing happens. 
  2. Likewise, when I try to open Admin Options on a profile, nothing happens -- so I am assuming the problem is similar and some setting needs to be tweaked to allow these options to "open" for me.
  3. I am able to change widgets from the admin panel for profile and dashboard, but it onlt affects new users - is there a way to affect the entire network?
  4. When I enable Mobile (1.8) it breaks a bunch of things. For one, the admin menu breaks - just shows code. is this b/c I am on an unstable version? 
Thanks in advance. 
  • 1. Sounds like something went wrong with JavaScript. Did you check your JavaScript console? (And no, this should not happen on a clean install)

    2. Same as above - should not happen on a clean install.

    3. Default widgets only affect new users.

    4. I don't know anything about the mobile plugin

    There is a demo site at that is a clean install. Might be helpful in determining the problems that are unique to your site.