When should Elgg require PHP 5.3?

Is your server running 5.3 right now? (You can check on the new Server Statistics page in Elgg 1.8.3 or greater.)

If not, when do you plan to upgrade to PHP 5.3?


Drupal and Moodle are examples of two PHP applications that require (or will require) PHP 5.3 for their newer releases. We will be requiring 5.3 at some point (1.9, 1.10, 1.11?) and would like some feedback on this.

  • I think after 1.9 it should be 2.0, not 1.10...

  • Version numbers are a different discussion :)

  • Production: 5.2.17

    Localhost: 5.3

    Dev: 5.3

    At my day job: 5.1.6 (for legacy reasons...)


    Are there any 5.3 specific features that you're planning on integrating into core?

  • Number 1 motiviation is being able to include 5.3 only PHP libraries. What if we could just use a library like this https://github.com/avalanche123/Imagine rather than writing our own image resizing code?

    Number 2 motivation (much less important) is being able to do something like this:

    elgg_register_event_handler('create', 'object', function() {
        // do stuff here
  • Cash, I would almost say this needs to coincide with migration to HTML5/CSS3. I think at some point Elgg needs to get up to speed with latest technologies and it would make sense revising the entire set of requirements at once.

  • We run @XAMPP= 5.3.0 & @SERVER= 5.3.8 for fkkids.com (and other related embrache hosting).

    I'd kinda go for IK's 'html5/css3' angle unless the bultins w/ 5.3+ are more worth the efforts - the most bang for our elggbucks (viz. time, effort, headaches, neuron dissipations..)

    I'm gonna look around to see what info sn avail re: php5.3+ new features, benefits, pluses. Tho I do reckon a fair amnt of Elgg cores study * knowledge goes along with the exercise for determining how pretty a 5.3+ move might be...

  • We're on 5.3.2 (released Mar 2010), which is, I believe, the earliest supported version for most 5.3 libs. 5.3.0 was June 2009 :)

    Aside: There's one good reason to use non-anonymous handler functions: it allows them to be unregistered. I had to do just that today.

  • Many web hosts have not upgraded to PHP 5.3 till now as they believe the upgrade might broke some existing packages. So we should be giving second thoughts on this, at this moment.


  • For those who are running on cloud servers (e.g. Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Linode etc.) or on dedicated servers can upgrade easily to PHP 5.3  I did this already last year, and I must say that PHP 5.3 brings lots of advantages like Mysql native driver, namespaces etc.

    PHP 5.3.3 was released long back, at 22-Jul-2010, and PHP 5.3.9 was released in Jan 2012!

    I believe that Elgg should require PHP 5.3 starting with Elgg 1.9  :-)

  • Sooner or later everyone upgrades. We run both our local as well as our web server on php 5.3+ I think most of the people do ...

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