change the look and feel of the body

Hi eveyone,

I am new to elgg and trying to modify how my page looks. Recently i created a  plugin for custom new page and added to my site. It is a simple page with one big image of size 1280 * 1560. For some reason the image is centered. i mean it doesn't start all the way from the left side.

How do i make it to start from the left so there's no white space .

When i checked the code using inspect feature of developer in firefox i found out , the page is inside <div class="elgg-inner">

 Help will be appreciated.



  • Where is that page you made located? At the front page or inside the page?

    If you want to change the look and feel of your elgg network, you need to either make a theme or download one from the plugins section here at the elgg community.

    For making a theme read this:

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • thank you RJ for your prompt reply.the page is part of the plugin. it is inside the index page. the page is inside myplugin/views/default/page1.php

    my index page looks like this:

            $body = elgg_view('page1');
            $title = elgg_echo("myplugin");
            page_draw($title, $body);

    how can i display page1.php in <div class="elgg-page-body"/> instead of elgg-inner ?

  • If you call the newpage using the Elgg page_draw() function it will be wrapped inside the default pageshell function. You have to override the pageshell by checking the context(). For example,

    if (get_context()) == 'index'){

    exclusive pageshell for index page

    } else {

    elgg's default pageshell