Elgg 1.8.3 Small bug in The Wire ?

In Elgg 1.8.3 when I try to access to wire of friends I get the following message;

Deprecated in 1.8: Please update your use of elgg_view_entity_list() Called from [#6] /homepages/36/d312561457/htdocs/elgg183/engine/lib/users.php:513

The function expects an array and receives a int ($count)

Existing code on line 512 of file /engine/lib/users.php ;

    return elgg_view_entity_list($entities, $count, $offset, $limit, $full_view,
       $listtypetoggle, $pagination);

I solved by modifying the file as follows;

    $arreglo = array();
    $arreglo[] = $count;
    return elgg_view_entity_list($entities, $arreglo, $offset, $limit, $full_view,
        $listtypetoggle, $pagination);

It works for me.

Is that correct?

  • Aaaaaalmost :) But no - it's not correct. Correct would be:

    return elgg_view_entity_list($entities, array(

     'count'  => $count,

     'offset' => $offset,

     'limit'   => $limit,

     'full_view' => $full_view,

     'list_type_toggle' => $listtypetoggle,

     'pagination' => $pagination,



    But.. dont try to fix it yourself - try to avoid manipulation of the core files - it's better to report the issue on http://trac.elgg.org/

  • Thanks 13net,

    Definition of function is:

    function elgg_view_entity_list($entities, $vars = array(), $offset = 0, $limit = 10, $full_view = true,
       $list_type_toggle = true, $pagination = true) {

    So I think you wanted to say:

    return elgg_view_entity_list($entities, array('count'  => $count), $offset, $limit, $full_view, $listtypetoggle, $pagination);

    also works well.

    I will try to report the issue on http://trac.elgg.org/


  • Hi Alexgon,

    I'm also experiencing this issue... has it been reported and fixed? I only installed Elgg today for the first time. I'm very impressed :)