Search doesn't work after moving to new server

I have a strange problem - after moving to new serwer with elgg 1.7.1 search doesn't work. When I post a query elgg shows homepage. Everything other is ok - I have only problem with SEARCH in elgg.

Have you got any ideas how to solve this problem?

It's very important for me...

  • I'm still need help in this issue, but maybe there is problem with /search folder on root - maybe there is a conflict with mod-rewrite (.htaccess)? Is it possible???

    Is this folder - /search really required?

  • I really need help - still no solution...

  • Sorry mostekkk I haven't looked into search that much and 1.7.1 is quite a ways back before I dabbled in Elgg so I'll have to pass for someone more knowledgeable.

  • Why do you stick with 1.7.1? Cant you upgrade to 1.7.14 or 1.8 series? It can be a conflict with htaccess. Make sure the htaccess is same as that of htaccess_dist

  • Team Webgalli and Matt - thank you for yout response. I'll chceck my .htacces - hope that's it - this problem is really hard to solve for me...

  • Looks like it's not .htaccess problem - i put oryginal htaccess_dist into .htaccess - still no change...

    Have you got any other ideas? What error could make plugin to show homepage - generaly? Where should I start?

    About upgrade to 1.7.14 - I'm affraid, that some of my plugins will have problems after upgrade, so I think that I'll stay with 1.7.1.... I'm not feeling well with elgg code (it's very hard for me)

  • Elgg 1.7.1 has a search subfolder in the elgg root directory. It contains only 1 file and its header says "Redirect to the new search page  - Needed for legacy themes." So, if this folder is missing on your installation it might indeed explain why you end on the homepage instead of the search page.

    Another possible reason: What's the storage type used for the tables of your database on your new server - innodb or myisam? In case they are all set to use innodb the search won't work. While you can use innodb for some tables it won't work for all (don't know right now which are necessary to be myisam for the search to work).

  • iionly - thank you for your reply - I have search subfolder so this is ok. 

    And now database - default storage type in this server is innodb, but all tables has MyISAM type. Is it correct? Or maybe default storage type should be MyISAM?

  • Maybe this search problem is connected with file and folder premissions? Is it possible?

  • No.

    Search plugin might have a conflict with a hook or event in another plugin.

    I would suggest to deactivate all your plugins except search and groups plugins for example. You should have at least one group to test the search (otherwise activate bookmarks plugin instead if you have bookmarks to search).

    Then try to search your groups. If search works, activate other plugins one by one to find out where is the conflicting plugin.