Avatar upload does not work...


i've just installed elgg and it worked very well. The only problem i have, is that the avatars do not work. He gives the message that the upload was successful, but he dont show the avatars.

Hope someone can help me!


  • Exactly the same problem. The odd part of this story is that I have two installations of Elgg running on the same server and the another one works perfectly. Elgg data directories are separate but permissions are indentical.

    When looking inside upload directory I can see that pictures are generated fine. Elgg just refuses to show em.

    I am really running out of ideas..

  • As told, the another installation works perfectly, so the installed GD works nicely. It also generates those pictures fine, it just doesn't show those.

  • Resolved by team member. It seems that there were some extra blank lines in code of our modules after the closing PHP tag ?>. So, basically this prevented header to forward page further if that was necessary for Elgg to work (as those new lines are sent to the browser and that sends also the header without any redirections).

    So, just make sure that your module files ends just after the last ?> and avatars will work again. This would of course pop up eventually as malfunctios with other features also. In our case the first thing not working just happened to be the avatar functionality.

  • Hello, I can not show the avatar of the groups or users, neither displayed after upload.

    If stored inside the folder / data, but can not show

    What module should I look to correct the blank lines after PHP tag?>

    Some help.
  • I'm having this issue as well with a fresh install of elgg 1.8.1 everything else is working nicely, the avatar is uploaded fine.... in mod->engine->handlers->elgg_data->2011->08->35->profile

    all six avatar images are there.

    where is the code to display the avatars to look for the blank lines after ?>

  • @Dale - it is easier to help you if you post on a single thread. Here is a link to the thread you already posted on for this problem: http://community.elgg.org/pg/forum/topic/505914/my-elgg-site-doesnt-upload-pictures/

  • I am having this same problem. Can someone tell me which file to look for to look for the blank lines??

  • I am trying to find this mysterious file by scanning all the possible .php files I can find in my directory but here's the kicker.....NONE of the .php files have a closing php tag!? HELP! :o/

  • @cmserene

    PHP files do not need a closing tag (at least in Elgg), some even believe it improves performance not to have them :-)