All Coders. All Posters. All Elgg users MUST read.

All Coders. All Posters. All Elgg users MUST read.


Hello people! Time I introduced myself. I'm Adam, avid user of Elgg. Over the period of time I have created many small websites to certain projects, however Elgg is the most comprehensible, easy to use, and Powerful web design interface I have ever seen.

Elgg could be sold as a high end system. It could be market against Dolphin. (And win) however, due to the kind hearts on this community... its free.

Free to edit. Free to create. Free to design, incorporate.. do you people have any clue how hard it was to convince my father that Elgg is free? To this day,he believes my Hosting plan is Elgg Software cost.

So I wanted to say Thank you, to the amazing coders who take the time and effort, to help the small people. Without you guys there is no way my site would be running. There is no way would exist. Or at the least it would be a POS (no I'm not talking servers)

its pretty hard to code isn't it? You guys understand the errors. You guys know the massive amount of time it took to create a plug in, only to have someone download it without a simple thanks.

So on all behalf of all the users who ever used one of your codes, anyone who has had a site ''meltdown'', anyone who has received any type of help on this community, I, personally want to say

Thank you.


And now I shall get some coffee.