Profile picture not loading. Shows “?” avatar.

For the last couple of days I’ve been playing with wp-buddypress and it’s fine, but not for me. I’m really impressed with elgg. I’m just having a newbie type problem uploading the first avatar. I think it’s in my permissions, but I’m unsure. Anyone have an idea?

  • It might be a permission issue but it could also be an issue of the GD php extension missing on your server. This extension is necessary for resizing the uploaded images (different sizes of the avatar to be used at different places on your site).

    You could take a look in your user profile directory in the data directoy. You user's directory is a subdirectory in the directory tree data_dir/year/month/day/GUID. Do you see any profile images in your user's directory? In case there is only the master image, the resizing failed. Possible reasons: GD extension missing, php memory_limit too small.

    You could also upload the image into Elgg's file section to see if the resizing fails there, too. If yes, this is another sign that something is wrong with your server config/setup.

  • Hello Iionly

    I?ve the same problem.

    The image are all there and resized, but I see only a question mark picture.

    Can you help me ?

    Thank you


  • @ivanoman:

    Is this a fresh Elgg installation and the images never showed up before? Does it only happens with avatars or also with files/images uploaded to the files section? If the images are correctly uploaded and resized and still don't show I'm not sure what might be the reason, especially when the images show fine in the files section but not the avatars.

    In case your Elgg installation is not new or you upgraded or modified something on your server and the images might have even showed in the past it could be a timezone issue:

  • thanks for the quick answer.

    the installation is fresh.

    if i upload group picture i can see it.

    only for user avatar there is a problem.



  • Dear iionly,

    I found the problem on the path to the data folder, it was not the full path.

    Thank for your suggestion.

    Have a good night