Server migration – issues with blog/forum images still linking to original server

Hi everyone!

I'm running Elgg 1.7.7 and I'm migrating everything from my live server to my localhost for archiving. I've read and followed the wiki for Duplicating Installation to the letter (including all 4 mySQL commands for changing the filestore data directory), and for the most part, everything works. I've even done the time tweak (80% of avatars showing at the moment!).

However, I have an issue:

In blogs/comments/posts, all of the images uploaded by the user still points to the live server instead of the localhost. 

I've tried uploading a file and it works, and all users files are intact and point to the localhost (when I'm at the Files page). The problem is when the images are previously used in a blog post/forum/etc that is is still linked to the live server. 

Can anyone tell me what's missing? I'm frustrated as I've searched and implemented everything already!