<-- Opening upon login?

Searched the discussion groups and did not find anything related to this, so I'll ask another newbish question..


It used to login correctly, but now, all of a sudden it is logging directly into

In my browser address window, if I simple erase the /embed and simply direct it to the elgg dir it will pop right back up... what did I do wrong?



  • Try to troubleshoot

    • disable all non core plugin and check the login again
    • If problem persist, disable all the core plugins too and enable them one by one

    report the result back.

  • I disabled all non-core plugins with no success, and the only thing that can reverse the issue is by turning off the embed 1.8.1 plugin all together... I moved it around up and down the plugin list and I tried to leave it on and disable others systematically (Although probably not 100% thoroughly) and came to the conclusion that for some reason it is specifically to do with the Embed plugin and NOT any other plugin affecting it (Although that seems incorrect even as I type it...)

    My question about disabling core plugins is that even if I find out what core plugin is not cooperating with Embed, what could I do if it is CORE and I need it?




  • Have you completely disabled all the third party plugins before rechecking? Make sure you run the upgrade.php script too. It will flush the file view and css cache.

    If you find out that its issue with a core plugin, post it here so that how we can replicate it. Once some body else can replicate it, you can confirm it as a core bug and you can report it to the . But we dont think it as core bug as the error is not happening in our install.

  • Have you tried what happens if you completely replace the embed plugin folder in mods with the original date taken from the Elgg 1.8.1 archive (or whatever version you use currently)? Maybe something went wrong when you uploaded the files the first time and some incomplete file leads to the error. I would suggest to disable the embed plugin / delete the /mod/embed folder on your server / re-uploading it / enable the plugin.

  • Yes, will do to both TW and Iionly, thanks again for the feedback!