Profile plugin missing on elgg 1.8.2


I was using elgg 1.7.8, and all was fine, the profile was working well, and the profile manager plugin also worked well.

But i recently upgraded to elgg 1.8.2 and am using the old database, but for some reason, the profiles of the users dont show up, the information they entered are not available, though their names and display image is available. In the admin section the profile plugin doesnt even show up, I tried to copy the old metastring table to the new one, doesnt seem to be working either. My biggest puzzle is why the profile plugin wont even show up on the admin section.

What can be done, any help on this is greatly appreciated!

  • What version of the Profile Manager plugin do you have installed? I guess you need to upgrade to the latest release (7.0 ?) before you can use it in Elgg 1.8. It might not show up in the plugin list in case you still have an older version installed because the manifest file is no longer compatible with Elgg 1.8.

    Btw. it would be perfectly okay if you would add your question only to 1 thread and not to several different threads.