Catch 22

I am waiting (I think many are trodding the murky waters of tidypics fix) for tidypics offcial release for 1.8.,

As long as the plugin is not released not many people will switch to elgg 1.8 as this plugin is most important for it., and as long as people dont switch to elgg 1.8, not many plugins and themes will be released for elgg 1.8.x.,

 so indirectly we are blocking our own way forward.

Yup , i need it badly ;-)  , and can do nothing about it :-(

  • some chickie person lacking guts and good manners deleted their post referencing "..'bundled with the core...'" to which several of us have since replied lolz !! yew gotta be real chicken if you can't take the heat of critiscisms ;-P

  • on a side note.... I'll comment on this again in a years time! have a good new year people :)

  • @Shouvik thanks for reminding what I can do., I have already started learning PHP since 1 month., but it seems it will be months before I am even able to give back even little to community., php is way different than HTML,CSS , though was able to get some work arounds for watermark,
    But in order to contribute significantly to Tidypics is way out of my reach.,
    I understand the values of family/community and don't believe in freeloading., and would like to give back in ways which are possible for me.
    About TP core issue., its a large plugin, and if it hold back the future developments/releases of elgg core then its better left alone till right time. , but sooner TP is added to core, the better for Elgg.
    Happy new year to those who already are in new year., and for others "party abhi baki hai mere dost " -->night is still young.

  • Shouvik said... like :-

    1. making a donation to the plugin team to encourage the development
    2. report bugs and
    3. fixes etc.
    4. code up stuff yourself.

    You said :-

    • would like to give back in ways which are possible for me.

    Which of the four options from above are possible for you ?