Catch 22

I am waiting (I think many are trodding the murky waters of tidypics fix) for tidypics offcial release for 1.8.,

As long as the plugin is not released not many people will switch to elgg 1.8 as this plugin is most important for it., and as long as people dont switch to elgg 1.8, not many plugins and themes will be released for elgg 1.8.x.,

 so indirectly we are blocking our own way forward.

Yup , i need it badly ;-)  , and can do nothing about it :-(

  • Ther ARE many things you can do ... like making a donation to the plugin team to encourage the development, report bugs and fixes etc. and most importantly, code up stuff yourself.

    People who are too lazy to get their hands dirty even a bit are not worthy of this project and thus have no right to DEMAND things.

  • I too am avoiding "tidypics fix" in favour of waiting for an official release, however I disagree that this single plugin is holding back development for 1.8.  I have released many plugins for 1.8, as have many people.  A few months ago when I would release a plugin it would sit on the recent plugins list for over 2 weeks.  Now it's barely there a few days.  There is far more development happening for 1.8 right now than 1.7, and more than there was for 1.7 before the official release of 1.8

    Development isn't easy, it takes time, skill, and specific knowledge.  We're extremely lucky that people with these skills are willing to do it for free.

    As the old saying goes: Quality, Free, Fast - You can have 2

    Just be patient.

  • @Matt:
    paradoxquake ;-)
    := Quality, Free, Fast
    This permutation on the domain set -- (Quality, Fast) --
    gives me :- 
    . Run-time error '429'
    And I seem to have mislaid my reference manual ;-(
    DwoongZ !!

    I tootally agree with your disagreement -
    If I'm hungry and dont know how to fish.. ?
    Me is gonna go learn pretty fast.
    e.g. just look @ -- should inspire some people.. so young - codes plugins, themes
    while adults here do what they do...
    . One plugin ain't gonna lose the war; 
    . It's not what my country can do for me..
    . But what I can do for my Country !
    * And..
    I do sincerely hope that Gitesh is reading and taking good note.

  • my site doesn't use Tidypics at all, so I'm not sure why it would be the most important. It's a great plugin no doubt...but if it was that important it would be bundled with elgg by now and it isn't.

    Most important plugin for elgg...perhaps the profile plugin, dashboard or files plugin.

  • 'bundled with the core...' -- i think that many many people have asked and whined fr this b/c they think by doing so the level of support, upgrades, trouble-shooting will improve ;-) lolz and lolz.. i kinda agree w/ T's lines = profile and the such have been more important - the real drivers. and... if TidyPics were that important to 'people', wonder how it is that Shoivik's thoughts ' thinking about making a donation to the plugin team to encourage the devs..' does not occur to them. The 2 best pieces of software in my life so far are -- PHP (free) and an Image Editor that cost $$$ ;-...P So go figure.. Anyways.. when I retire in a few weeks, I might consider working full-tiime on TidyPics ;-oO but only if.. people 'encourage' me to do so..

  • I belive the reason why people regard tidypics as a candidate for being a core plugin is because elgg is a social networking platform, social networking allows you to keep update with the people around you, apart from buisness related elgg networks the majority of networks are for the public to mingle with each other and one of the key things they do nowadays is share photographs/images.  they have cameras on phones aswell as dedicated cameras so to explain something or keep a memory alive for aslong as possible and social networking allows you to do this. Although I'd also like to see tidypics as a core plugin I also understand its a large part of code that would mean the elgg devs would end up spending more time on that then any other code and so releases would be very slow! I am reasonably upset about tidypics dev though as I run a photographers website so tidypics is core to my site!! I really wish I could learn more php!!

  • Nothing stopping anyone from learning php.  I've never taken a computer course in my life.

    One day I googled "PHP Tutorial" and taught myself...

  • I've thought about that, but I work 60 hours a week as a store security guard catching shoplifters 6 Days a week, then when I get home I manage my 6 or so websites and chat to friends plus I have a little bit of a learning disability, don't get me wrong I could probably easily learn PHP but I'd want to have a real PHP dev sitting by the side of me so that if I had a problem or a question they can assist me, not show me but assist me in pointing me in the right direction to solve a problem or the best way to code a particular price...

  • Piece not price, damn mobile phone!!

  • Tidypics core or not has been discussed by the Core Team, and decided not to do it, I can't remember why and I can't find the thread. 

    The files plugin is a good for pictures, and you can edit it to work like the 'Wall Photos' feature if you want. 

    Now back to social networking and tidypics... It is important (not most important) to have such feature built into core. Why? No, not because it is holding upgrading 1.8, but because we need too get better reviews for the platform. Elgg needs to move ahead, get more things added to core package.  I am willing to encourage the people behind the TP project.